Wednesday, July 25, 2007

From the mouth of babes.....

This was my conversation with my 4 yr old son today:
I was laying on the floor in our family room reading a book and entertaining my 10 week old darling daughter, when Brody came wandering down stairs. All of my children were having "quiet time" and so I was a bit surprised to see Brody, but figured he needed water or something like that.
Me: "Hey Brody whats up?"
Brody: "Mommy did you know that Jesus is here."
Me: " He is?"
Brody: " Yes he is upstairs."
Me: "Where upstairs?"
Brody: "In Grans room."
My mom stayed here while I was having my baby to help me with the kids, so now the extra bedroom upstairs is "Grans" room.
The hair on my arm stood up, because he did not think about what he was about to say, he just blurted it out as if we always have Jesus upstairs in Grans room. Anyway...
Brody: "I asked him to color with me."
Me: "did he color with you?"
Brody: "yes, I colored a cat and he colored
an apple and a snake."
I told him that was really special, then there was a moment of silence, and I was going to go back to reading my book, when....Brody said
"Mommy, did you know that Jesus is still here."
Me: " No I didn't. where is he now?"
Mind you, my heart is racing a bit now, as all of my doors and windows are open, and I am beginning to think that maybe there is a "Man" in my house.
Brody: "I'll go find him"
then he ran out of the family room for a moment. The next thing I knew he came squealing back into the family room...."MOMMY HE'S COMING!!!!!!!."Then he jumped on the love seat and stared at me.
Me: "Where is Jesus now Brody?"
Brody: "Can't you see him mommy, he is standing right in front of you!"
I really had chills going up and down my spine. First of all, if Jesus was in my house, I was in big trouble because it was a big mess, and I was just laying around reading. :0) What an amazing conversation I had today with my little man. He really is special. And I am amazed at what our children see and hear.....

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